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Singing bowls and sets HEALINGBOWL® by Dr. Surikov
Tibetan singing bowls made in Nepal wholesale and retail in Kathmandu. Worldwide delivery.

+977 981-3244998


Singing bowls and sets HEALINGBOWL®
by Dr. Surikov

Tibetan singing bowls made in Nepal wholesale and retail in Kathmandu. Worldwide delivery.

+977 981-3244998
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Singing bowls manufactured by HEALINGBOWL® Nepal.

Fast delivery to all regions of the world.
Education with the issuance of certificates (USA and Russia).

We have 4 official companies and 4 online stores. In Nepal, Malaysia, USA and Russia.


We are the market leader in singing bowls.

  • Healingbowl® is a trademark registered in many countries of the world.
  • Our products are chosen by those who need a quality guarantee.
  • All of our singing bowls are designed for use in wellness techniques.
  • We have developed unique methods of using singing bowls and conduct training.
  • Dr. Surikov V.P. is the owner of Healingbowl® and the author of wellness techniques with singing bowls.

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Tibetan singing bowls

Why are they called "Tibetan bowls" or "Tibetan singing bowls"? In this article, we will talk about what we know about the origin, properties of singing bowls, how to use Tibetan bowls for sleep, whether it is possible to treat by singing bowls, what is "singing bowls massage", which bowls are suitable for sound therapy, for vibration-acoustic therapy, for meditation with singing bowls, and much more, without relying on myths, without using the halo of mystery, magic that envelops the "singing bowls of Tibet".

We are professionally engaged in the study of their properties for many years. First we studied with Nepalese masters, now you can't find them in Nepal, first of all, it was a master Sri Caitanya. Then we consulted and conducted joint research with famous Russian scientists, specialists in the field of medicine, medical biological physics, quantum medicine, music therapy, etc. This allowed the head of our school (Surikov School), Dr. Viktor Surikov, to create unique author's methods of contact and remote (distant) exposure of vibration and sound of a singing bowl, which give absolutely predictable and repeatable results in the field of health... Read more >>

The school of Dr. Surikov is considered the founder of the direction of sound therapy in Russia. The terms introduced by him are repeated by the students, and are already considered traditional. For example, "sound-resonance therapy", etc. The structure of training courses is copied by our followers.

At some point, having understood more precisely what exactly properties of the singing bowl are beneficial, we saw that ideal bowls are practically not produced in India, nor in Nepal, nor anywhere else, since the main production is always focused on tourists and low cost, and we began to work with the masters of Nepal directly, achieving such a quality of sound and vibration of singing bowls that can be used professionally in restorative medicine with confidence. These singing bowls are manufactured under the brand Healingbowl ®, which is our own trademark that guarantees high quality. Naturally, when we choose inexpensive bowls produced in the usual way, not under our control, we know what requirements it must meet to really please our customers.

So, why is a forged bowl made of non-ferrous metal alloy called a "Tibetan" bowl? We communicate a lot with lamas, monks from Tibet. We even conducted training in the main hall of the Tibetan monastery (Pematsal Sakya in Pokhara, Nepal). The inhabitants of the monastery - natives of the Kingdom of Mustang, always told us that in Tibet they never forged bowls, and did not practice with them. Our students often went to Tibet specifically to find knowledge or special bowls, and returned with nothing.

Yes, the singing bowls are many thousands of years old, so there are many legends about their origin, and it is difficult to say anything definite. And the most legendary country of the Tibetan highlands is, of course, Tibet. There is not as much talk about Nepal as there is about Tibet. But it is Nepal that we personally consider to be the birthplace of the singing bowl. The highly educated and cultured Newar people, whose representatives settled the Kathmandu valley (presumably) in the III-IV century, set an example to the peoples of many countries, including India, China and Japan in all spheres of activity – in agriculture, architecture, medicine, religion, etc. Well-known Hindu and Buddhist icons on cloth (paubha) they definitely have the roots of the newar art. The best craftsmen who make forged singing bowls have also always worked in Nepal, in Kathmandu. So why "Tibetan" bowl? Nepal and Tibet are the Himalayas. The bowls came from the Himalayas. For some, all the Himalayas consist entirely of Tibet. This is a magic word that has the most powerful magic for a European. All the legends come from Tibet. We are grateful to them for bringing us to the singing bowl, and now we share our experience, which at the moment far exceeds all the knowledge that we were able to learn from these legendary places.

Now let's talk about the practical side of the question, because many of our readers are now at the same stage of knowledge that we were at many years ago. More recently, some enthusiasts with a cast bowl in their hands claimed to produce healing with a singing bowl, and offered to teach everyone "how to heal any organ with a singing bowl" (a literal quote, we will not name names). Such people still exist. Legends are legends, and knowledge has not been canceled. Only an amateur can explain exactly how the singing bowl "works" in a nutshell, and in this article we will not undertake to reveal all the secrets, for a serious understanding of the issue, we recommend training. But the main points here are outlined. Basically, in order to make it easier to choose when buying. Let's highlight the main aspects.

Meditation with singing bowls. Singing bowl for sleeping.

Any singing bowl is suitable for meditation, the sound of singing bowl is pleasant for you to focus your attention on. They are sometimes called the "sound bowl". Absolutely any forged bowl will act mesmerizing, first of all. But we emphasize that the singing bowl must be forged, because during the forging process, tensions are formed in the metal structure, which provides a long-lasting sound, rich in overtones (that is, the singing bowl sounds "several voices" at the same time). Molded bowl is not capable of this, its signal is very simple and short, the sound is poor, unstable and often unpleasant. The purpose of a cast bowl is to be a souvenir. It is also very good to have more than one bowl. This will fascinate the attention even more, because the overtones are added together, the waves are superimposed, and the brain is completely immersed in "reading" this complex signal.

Another nuance – the lower the frequency, the more pronounced the calming effect, relaxation. This is why the special request "singing bowl for sleeping" are so popular. People are looking for a sound that will help restore sleep. Is it possible? Sure. Just relax, disconnect from worries, relieve tension in the body, emotional tension - singing bowl will definitely help in this. However, it is better to use a low-frequency sound. And this is absolutely logical. A calm male voice sounds at a frequency of 80-120 Hz. Calm female voice sounds at a frequency of 130-170 Hz. Children's voices sounds at a frequency of 200-500 Hz. Children's voices always activate attention, and the lower sound (within the framework of normal human speech), the more it calms. Agree, in a session of hypnosis, in meditation, wherever relaxation and immersion in a trance state are required, the sound should be quiet and low. Any sound that is higher in frequency than children's voices will be exciting and even disturbing. When people look for 417 Hz, 432 Hz, 528 Hz bowls, and so on, they do not understand the difference between the frequency of electromagnetic radiation (these figures are used by esotericists when they talk about the frequency of vibrations), and the frequency of acoustic vibrations. Also, we must understand that handmade forged singing bowl can not sound strictly at a certain frequency, because these frequencies in its sound are several at once, and their value fluctuates within certain limits (this is its value), so such searches are meaningless. If you want to investigate such a non-physiological point effect of an acoustic signal, you need a completely different tool.

Singing bowl. Water. Structuring of water and body fluids.

Is the bowl suitable for structuring water, how to understand? If you feel a noticeable vibration when rotating a solid wooden stick (you need a stick covered with suede), and the water poured into the bowl shows the effect of "boiling", then it is quite suitable. Two aspects are important here. First, structural clusters of molecules of water become small, and such water is better absorbed, the body does not spend energy on the transformation of clusters. Secondly, the very structure of water as an energy-informational carrier is changing. All space has an information structure, and this information around us is not always favorable, and this is "written" in the structure of water. When structuring in the singing bowl, all information is "erased", and accordingly, all "negative" is removed.

Enthusiasts go further, and strive to bring some favorable elements to the water structure by reciting mantras, or simply tuning in "positively". Some even "prescribe" some healing properties to water, and we should recognize some sense in this, although we never suggest replacing medicines with "charged" water. Test your sensitivity, see if you notice a difference in taste between regular and structured water. Children whose sensitivity is higher than that of adults always clearly note the difference, saying that structured water tastes better. More information about water structuring is available in our knowledge-base.

Treatment with singing bowls.

The desire for a miracle often leads to curiosities. Sometimes this desire is completely shamelessly speculated by merchants, for example, you can see a small cast bowl, under it you see the label "Medical singing bowl" is emblazoned... What is nonsense, and what is true, how to understand? Is the singing bowl treatment really possible? What should it be? What does it take?

Only people who have no reason to talk about treatment are always talking about the treatment with singing bowl. Having the deepest reliable knowledge in this area, Dr. Surikov recommends to beware of this approach in principle. In fact, the sound and vibration of the singing bowl can definitely help restore the body's ability to heal itself. The immune system is restored, and factors that prevent the normal action of self-healing mechanisms inherent in the body by nature are eliminated. Due to this, rehabilitation and convalescence are noticeably faster and requires less intensive medical treatment.

In order for this to happen, a combination of factors is necessary: a high-quality, correct singing bowl, a skilled application technique, and qualified monitoring of the condition. Technicians need to learn, because intuition and faith in magic are absolutely not enough, but a proven technique, studied under the guidance of a master, always gives a positive result. You can monitor your condition if you are an experienced medic, or use another specialist for this purpose. And you need to choose the right singing bowl, and it is better if you are helped in this by professionals who have proven themselves as trustworthy. The beneficial effect can be remote (distant) or in contact with the body. The feeling of vibration at the same time gives grounds to talk about sessions with singing bowls, as about "massage with singing bowls". And it can be both remote and contact.

Massage with singing bowls.

So, for a massage, you need a noticeable vibration. So if the bowl vibrates, then it has massaging effect. It seems pretty simple. But it is not as simple as it seems. We know that everything in the universe vibrates. To select a vibrating singing bowl, a number of parameters are important. First of all, the frequency. The lower the frequency, the longer the wave. The longer the wave, the easier the propagation (in the body, in this case). In our experience, the maximum effect is achieved at a frequency of 80-120 Hz. This vibration easily spreads to the tissues of the body. Hypertonus in the muscles of all types of musculature is removed. Vascular walls are worked out, valves are restored, drainage function is improved, metabolic processes are stimulated, toxins are eliminated, and body fluids, including intercellular fluids, are structured. The significance of these processes cannot be underestimated. When the frequency increases from 120 to 170 Hz, the effect becomes more local, and when the frequency increases further, it is reduced to a weak surface effect. The weight of the singing bowl is also important, although secondary. It is logical to expect from a more massive instrument a more noticeable effect in the singing bowls massage. Although some high-quality singing bowls can be very effective even with a small size. In addition to frequency, there are a number of parameters that are difficult to describe in the same way. For example, the ability of the bowl to give a low-frequency vibration when rotating a solid wooden stick.

If you don't have the skills, you won't be able to tell whether the singing bowl doesn't allow you to get the right vibration, or whether you just don't know how to do it correctly. The bowl can break down on a high-frequency sound rotate, can give a rattle sound and other unnecessary effects. Only the highest-class bowl designed for contact massage can behave almost the same almost regardless of your skills. Other bowls are difficult to evaluate without experience. The fact is that the vibration from the bowl does not spread in concentric circles, as you might think. A smooth persistent wave is a feature of a very high-class singing bowl. In most cases, this is a complex dynamic picture, and only an experienced specialist can evaluate it.

Trust an authoritative source. It is better to choose a rare high-class instrument remotely, on the recommendation of a specialist, than to trust your intuition and go to the nearest store to choose a singing bowl, because you can touch it there, "feel it with your heart". There are no barriers to the heart. The video that we provide in reviews on an individual request will easily give you this opportunity, and the options that we will offer will certainly fit your request. A singing bowl or set of singing bowls that we help you choose will become loyal friends and helpers forever, because over time it only "opens with new colors", tuning in to their owner, as many have noticed!

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